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Does anyone know of a solution to use Ipython+Vim under Windows?<br /><br />thanks

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created April 3, 2008 · complexity basic · author Srepmub · version 7.0

IPython and Vim make for a great IDE. The following shortcuts can help to make it even better.

To also avoid having to enter a test command in IPython, I use konsole and dcop to send the command to IPython automatically. In the following, ' is mapped to run the command 'r' in IPython. First, start IPython as follows:

konsole --script

Next, add the following mapping to vimrc:

nnoremap ' :wa<CR>:!dcop konsole-`pidof konsole` session-1 sendSession r<CR><CR>

I wanted to make this work in gnome-terminal as well, but couldn't figure out how to do this with DBUS. So here's a nice trick to make it work in any terminal that supports the 'screen' utility. First, create a 'virtual' screen named 'blah':

screen -S blah

Now to send a command to the 'blah' screen:

nnoremap ' :wa<CR>:!screen -x blah -X stuff $'r\n'<CR><CR>

To start screen with gnome-terminal:

gnome-terminal -e 'screen -S blah'

Please feel free to add more tips for integration with IPython below.


Does anyone know of a solution to use Ipython+Vim under Windows?


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