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created 2007 · complexity basic · author Mosh · version n/a

I read lots of files each day, and use file ~/.vims to remember the important ones.

function! MoshBookmark()
  redir >> ~/.vims
  echo strftime("%Y-%b-%d %a %H:%M")
  echo "cd ". $PWD
  echo "vim ". expand("%:p").':'.line('.')
  echo ' word='.expand("<cword>")
  echo ' cline='.getline('.')
  redir END
:command! MoshBookmark :call MoshBookmark()

Vim's builtin viminfo loses bookmarks during multiple sessions of Vim, hence this solution is required.


Explain when to use above function and what idea is.

To use the bookmark file, open it in Vim: vim ~/.vims

Press gF when cursor is on a filename.

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