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created 2007 · complexity basic · author Mosh · version n/a

I read lots of files each day, and use file ~/.vims to remember the important ones.

function! MoshBookmark()
  redir >> ~/.vims
  echo strftime("%Y-%b-%d %a %H:%M")
  echo "cd ". $PWD
  echo "vim ". expand("%:p").':'.line('.')
  echo ' word='.expand("<cword>")
  echo ' cline='.getline('.')
  redir END
:command! MoshBookmark :call MoshBookmark()

Vim's builtin viminfo loses bookmarks during multiple sessions of Vim, hence this solution is required.

[edit] Comments

Explain when to use above function and what idea is.

To use the bookmark file, open it in Vim: vim ~/.vims

Press gF when cursor is on a filename.

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