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(New category about VimL editing)
m (Attempt to clarify the puropose of this category.)
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{{CatInfo|parent=LanguageSpecific|text=editing VimL scripts|extra=See also [[:Category:Scripting|Scripting tips]] for tips about writing scripts for Vim}}
{{CatInfo|parent=LanguageSpecific|text=editing VimL scripts, from Vim|extra=See also [[:Category:Scripting|Scripting tips]] for tips about Vim script language(s)}}
<!-- LH: 18 sep. 2007
s/about Vim script language(s)/about scripting Vim/
Would it be clear (and English) enough?

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This category is for tips about editing VimL scripts, from Vim.

See also Scripting tips for tips about Vim script language(s)

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