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created September 5, 2001 · complexity basic · author Thomas Ramming · version 5.7

When testing your C/C++ programs, you sometimes wish to have a trace output showing you which enum value is used.

You can do this by creating a string table for that enum type, which contains the enum identifier as a string.

For example:

printf("%s", MyEnumStringTable[MyEnumVal]);

You can create the complete string table by:

  • Marking the lines containing the complete typedef enum.
  • Selecting menu C/C++.transform enum2Stringtab

You can create string table entries by:

  • Marking the lines within the typedef enum
  • Selecting menu C/C++.transform enum2String

This makes it easy to keep the enum (on changes) consistent to the string table.

Add the following lines to your gvimrc file:

31amenu C/C++.transform\ enum2Stringtab :s#[ ]*\\(\\w\\+\\)#/* \\1 */ "\\1"#<CR>o};<Esc>uOstatic const char* const Names[] = {<Esc><CR>:noh<CR>
31vmenu C/C++.transform\ enum2Stringtab :s#[ ]*\\(\\w\\+\\)#/* \\1 */ "\\1"#<CR>o};<Esc>uOstatic const char* const Names[] = {<Esc><CR>:noh<CR>

31amenu C/C++.transform\ enum2String :s#[ ]*\\(\\w\\+\\)#/* \\1 */ "\\1"#<CR>o}<Esc>:noh<CR>
31vmenu C/C++.transform\ enum2String :s#[ ]*\\(\\w\\+\\)#/* \\1 */ "\\1"#<CR>o}<Esc>:noh<CR>


Another similar way of doing this, is to define a function in your .vimrc file

function! Enum2Array()
    exe "normal! :'<,'>g/^\\s*$/d\n"
    exe "normal! :'<,'>s/\\(\\s*\\)\\([[:alnum:]_]*\\).*/\\1[\\2] = \"\\2\",/\n"
    normal `>
    exe "normal a\n};\n"
    normal `<
    exe "normal iconst char *[] =\n{\n"
    exe ":'<,'>normal ==" " try some indentation
    normal `< " set the cursor at the top

and then visual select the enumeration, and call the function.

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