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created February 25, 2001 · complexity basic · author scrott · version 5.7

This will display line numbers along the left side of a window:

:set number


:set nu

This will turn off the line number display:

:set nonumber


:set nonu

You can also define a mapping to toggle the option, for example:

:nmap <C-N><C-N> :set invnumber<CR>

By pressing Ctrl-N twice in normal mode, Vim toggles between showing and hiding line numbers.

If you have Vim version 7 or greater, you can change the width of the "gutter" column used for numbering:

:set numberwidth=3

You can use the number column for the text of wrapped lines:

:set cpoptions+=n

Finally, you can change the color used for the line numbers. For example:

:highlight LineNr term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkGrey ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=DarkGrey guibg=NONE



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