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created May 20, 2003 · complexity basic · author sputnik · version 5.7

I was fiddling around with the errorformat and makeprg opts, and as I code in different languages, i was wondering if there was a way of specifiing a special makeprg and errorformat parameter for each language, and there is! just edit the $VIM/ftplugin/[syntaxfile].vim

For example, perl.vim, added at the end:

set makeprg=$HOME/bin/\ -c\ %\ $*
set errorformat=%f:%l:%m


set makeprg=g++\ %

It works delightfully with the :Make tip VimTip203

I mapped F-5 to :Make, and made it go back to the main window:

map <F5> :Make<CR><C-w><Up>


I prefer to make a compiler plugin, then use a ftplugin to set a default compiler, i.e.:

if exists("current_compiler")
let current_compiler = "xmllint"
setlocal makeprg=xmllint\ --valid\ --noout\ %
setlocal errorformat=%f:%l:\ %m
compiler xmllint

This way you can actually set up as many compilers as you want for the same filetype. I set a default in my ftplugin, but then a quick ':compiler somecompiler' will change to a different one as opposed to having to set makeprg and errorformat (remembering those is non-trivial)

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