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created January 13, 2003 · complexity basic · author John Sumsion · version 6.0

" allow Alt-[movement keys] to scroll window
if !has("gui_running")
  nmap ^[l <A-l>
  nmap ^[h <A-h>
  nmap ^[k <A-k>
  nmap ^[j <A-j>
  vmap ^[l <A-l>
  vmap ^[h <A-h>
  vmap ^[k <A-k>
  vmap ^[j <A-j>
  imap ^[l <A-l>
  imap ^[h <A-h>
  imap ^[k <A-k>
  imap ^[j <A-j>

" To have <A-h> available for the mappings below, search menu.vim for the
" first instance of &Help and change it to Hel&p so that <Alt-H>
" isn't used for the GUI Help menu
nmap <A-l> 4zl
nmap <A-h> 4zh
nmap <A-k> <C-y>
nmap <A-j> <C-e>
vmap <A-l> 4zl
vmap <A-h> 4zh
vmap <A-k> <C-y>
vmap <A-j> <C-e>
imap <A-l> <C-o>4zl
imap <A-h> <C-o>4zh
imap <A-k> <C-x><C-y>
imap <A-j> <C-x><C-e>


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