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created 2006 · complexity basic · author orsenthil · version 5.7

The command :Explore opens the file explorer window.

Select a file or directory name and press Enter to open that file or directory.

To return to the explorer window, press Ctrl-^ (usually Ctrl-6).

You can also "edit" a directory to explore that directory. For example, :e .. lists files in the parent directory.

Other approaches

In normal mode, type :e then press Space and Ctrl-D. That will list file names in the current directory. You can type a name and press Enter to edit that file.

If, for example, you want a name that starts with "get" type :e get then press Tab repeatedly, or Ctrl-D to list all matches.

Another possibility is to use a mapping like this:

map <F2> :!ls<CR>:e



I wonder if there is a way to navigate the files with case being insensitive after you press Ctrl-D

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