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created 2004 · complexity basic · author Yakov Lerner · version 6.0

This tip is useful only for those who use virtualedit mode (set virtualedit=all, or set ve=all).

I like virtualedit mode except for behaviour of 'x' (delete character). When 'x' is used past end-of-line, it does nothing. I wanted it to jump left to the actual end-of-line so as to start deleting characters there. Below is 'x' redefinition that does exactly this; and it does not break 'x' in non-virtualedit mode:

" redefine x for virtualEdit so that past end of line, it jumps left to end-of-line
function! Redefine_x_ForVirtualEdit()
  if &ve != "" && col('.') >= col('$')
    normal $
silent! unmap x
:nnoremap <silent>x x:call Redefine_x_ForVirtualEdit()<CR>


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