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created April 9, 2004 · complexity basic · author U.R. Molar · version 6.0

I wanted a scheme which was easy to memorize for French characters.

Take a couple of minutes to study the pattern below, and its "logical" ordering alphabetically. Once understood, I hope it will serve you a lifetime of writing «les belles lettres».

" FRENCH Mapping scheme in alphabetic order
" where _ denotes primary letter
"       à _â  ä
"         _ç
"       è _ê  ë  é
"         _î  ï
"         _ô  ö
"       ù _û  ü
" For capital letters, use the ~ or U operator.

Note: French usage does require putting accent on capital letters. However, when typing machines arrived, due to their technical limitations, we started to see less and less accents on capital letters.

" Note:  map! for Insert and Command-line, i.e. imap & cmap
map! ;z à
map! ;a â
map! ;b ä
map! ;c ç
map! ;d è
map! ;e ê
map! ;f ë
map! ;g é
map! ;i î
map! ;j ï
map! ;o ô
map! ;p ö
imap ;q «  »<Esc>hi
"         ^inserts within Quotations
map! ;t ù
map! ;u û
map! ;v ü


:help digraphs for French characters are really intuitive --Luc Hermitte 01:43, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

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