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This is an archive of the From Vim Help section on the home page for 2009.

December 2009Edit

  • Press J to join lines, or gJ to join with no extra spaces. :help J
  • Use :set nojoinspaces to get only one extra space with J. :help 'joinspaces'
  • Use 'B' and 'M' in 'formatoptions' to control spacing with multi-byte characters when joining lines. :help fo-table

November 2009Edit

October 2009Edit

September 2009Edit

  • In normal mode, pressing Ctrl-^ edits the alternate file. :help CTRL-^
  • In insert mode, pressing Ctrl-^ toggles :lmap language mappings. :help i_CTRL-^
  • The command :language displays the current language (locale). :help :language

August 2009Edit

  • The command :ka (useful in a script) sets mark a. :help :k
  • Using g`" jumps to the last known position in a file without changing the jump list. :help g`
  • Typing :keepmarks '<,'>!filter replaces the last selected lines with output from a filter, while keeping marks. :help :keepmarks

July 2009Edit

June 2009Edit

  • Press Ctrl-w then o to see only the current window. :help CTRL-W_o
  • Press Ctrl-w then r to rotate windows in a row or column. :help CTRL-W_r
  • Press Ctrl-w then K to move the current window to the top (full width). :help CTRL-W_K

May 2009Edit

  • In a range, . is the current line, and .+5 is 5 lines after the current line. :help :range
  • Typing 6 then :s/old/new/g is interpreted as :.,.+5s/old/new/g :help N:
  • Command :silent 'a,'bs/old/new/g will substitute in a range, swapping the first and last lines if necessary. :help E493

April 2009Edit

March 2009Edit

  • Press R to enter Replace mode to overstrike characters. :help R
  • Press gR to enter Virtual Replace mode to overstrike screen space. :help gR
  • Press 3S to delete 3 lines and start insert (substitute lines). :help S

February 2009Edit

January 2009Edit

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