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Generate accessor and setter methods from variable names

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created January 12, 2008 · complexity basic · author Gmonfort · version 7.0

If everytime you start writing a class need to declare a lot of private instance variables and their corresponding accessor and setter public methods, you might find this mappings useful.

" Public Accessors
map <F3> :s/\(\(\w\)\(\w\+\)\).*/public function get\u\2\3(){\r\treturn \$this->\1;\r}/<CR>
" Public Setters
map <S-F3> :s/\(\(\w\)\(\w\+\)\).*/public function set\u\2\3(\$\1){\r\t\$this->\1 = \$\1;\r}/<CR>

Which will transform this:


Into this (using first mapping):

public function getVariable1(){
  return $this->variable1;
public function getVariable2(){
  return $this->variable2;
public function getVariable3(){
  return $this->variable3;

Or this (using second mapping):

public function setVariable1($variable1){
  $this->variable1 = $variable1;
public function setVariable2($variable2){
  $this->variable2 = $variable2;
public function setVariable3($variable3){
  $this->variable3 = $variable3;


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