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The layout of Wikia refers to the style and location of everything you see on a Wikia page. Another term for layout is skin, and it is what all Wikia readers and editors see when they visit a wikia. Wikia offers two skin choices: the default Wikia skin and Monobook. Both are outlined below.

Wikia layout

Theme designer

The Theme Designer can help you customize your Wikia layout.

The standard layout of Wikia is what most visitors and editors see when they read, edit, and comment on a wikia. This layout can be modified for specific wikias with the Theme Designer, which is a simple, easy-to-use tool for adjusting your wikia to match your subject and look as awesome as it can. Each page displays the wikia's navigation menu, which can be customized by administrators to help guide readers and editors through the wikia. There are also a number of features that can be enabled and used with this layout. These include Chat, Message Wall, Forum, and Achievements, among many others.


In addition to our primary layout, we have a second skin called Monobook that users can select for their own personal skin in their account preferences. This skin is not officially supported and not all of Wikia's features work in Monobook like they do in the default layout. If you are a Monobook user and you need help with Monobook, users in the Community Central Forum are a great resource.


The Wikia layout is the default layout, and is what anonymous users see when they visit your wikia. All new features are designed for the Wikia layout. If you would like to change the layout for your account, you can do so via your preferences under the Appearance section. For example:


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