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Navigation is the group found on top of all pages that provides links to the most important and interesting pages on your wikia.

Video Overview

This video overviews the details your wikia's navigation and how to get started with editing it.

Wikia University - Setting Up Your Navigation Menu(02:39)


  • Navigation is found at the top of every page of your community. It contains two areas: the pre-populated "On the wiki" menu and the other customizable menu item.
  • The "On the wiki" tab is default open, and provides important links on your wiki, including Wiki activity, Random Page, Videos, Photos, and other features that may be enabled on the wikia (such as Chat). This tab is maintained by Wikia Staff, please refrain from moving the tab or removing any of the pre-populated items on it.
Wiki nav

  • The local navigation menu (all other menu items besides the "On the wiki" tab) can be edited by admins on your wikia.
  • To edit this menu, click on the contribute button, then the "Edit Wiki Navigation" link, or use the link found on the Admin Dashboard.
Contribute menu

  • You will be brought to where you can change the wiki navigation.
  • The Wiki Navigation allows for a total of 280 links, which are grouped as:
    • 4 level 1 links equally a total width of 550px
    • 7 level 2 links equally a total width of 729px
    • 10 level 3 links with a dynamic width (and min-width set to 150px)
  • If your links go beyond the designated width, they will not appear or may appear underneath other links. If you see this, you will need to shorten the words you are using to display all of the links.
  • To add a link, you need to use wiki text to define the links and text that appear on the menu. The level pattern is as follows:
Wiki nav editing

  • Once you have added in the wiki text for your menu items, you will need to hit the Preview button, which is located underneath the edit summary box.
    • NOTE: You cannot publish changes to your menu items if you do not press the Preview button. The Publish button will only appear on the bottom right of the Preview window.
  • The Preview button will result in a preview of your wikia's navigation. It will also run a width validator tool which will inform you if your menu items are too wide to display at the minimum width of the site. The warning will display like this:
Width validator

  • If this appears, you will be asked to return back to edit mode to adjust your navigation width. Once you do that, click the Preview button again to preview the menu again. Now that it's the proper width, the publish button will appear. Click publish and your new navigation will be live.
Wiki nav menu levels

Autopopulating the menu

One way to make sure the navigation has dynamic content is to use magic words to autopopulate menu items.

  • To do this, use # symbols around the magic words you choose to use.
  • Since magic words generate lists of pages, they may only be used as level 2 menu items.

List of supported magic words

  • #categoryX# - Where X is a number greater than 0. This gets the top 8 pages from the X biggest category on a wiki.
  • #category-Foo# - Gets the top 8 pages from Category:Foo (replace "Foo" with the name of your category).

Things to note

  • You can link to any page, and it is important to think about what are the most important places for visitors to see when they come to your wikia.
  • We recommend adding links to popular pages, and links to show where to find the wikia's community.
  • Sometimes it isn't appropriate to link to an article (if you want to have a heading on the navigation, for example) so you can put the code *#|Heading to create a heading on the navigation which doesn't link anywhere

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