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Pagetile and Title Element Relationship

The titles that appear in search results are a combination of the article name and the name assigned on MediaWiki:Pagetitle.

Pagetitle sets a portion of the <title> tag that appears in search engine results and in the tab at the top of a browser page. The default for MediaWiki:Pagetitle is the {{SITENAME}} of the community.

The title tag is a statement in the head of an HTML document that helps search engines understand the topic of a page. Concise, accurate titles are critical to both user experience and SEO success, so each page needs a unique title.

On Wikia, Pagetitle is [Article Title] - [Sitename] - Wikia. For example, the 24 wikia's article about Jack Bauer has a pagetitle of Jack Bauer - Wiki 24 - Wikia The only exception is a wikia's main page, which simply omits [Article Title] and becomes Wiki 24 - Wikia.

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