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created 2004 · complexity basic · author Karthick Gururaj · version 6.0

If your C/C++ code is scattered with statements like

#ifdef DEBUG
 // Some code..
 cout << "Debug output: blah" << endl;

and you would like to highlight these segments in a different colour (so that you can skip them visually), add the following code in your .vimrc (colouring follows that of comments)

syn region MySkip contained start="^\s*#\s*\(if\>\|ifdef\>\|ifndef\>\)" skip="\\$" end="^\s*#\s*endif\>" contains=MySkip

let g:CommentDefines = ""

hi link MyCommentOut2 MyCommentOut
hi link MySkip MyCommentOut
hi link MyCommentOut Comment

map <silent> ,a :call AddCommentDefine()<CR>
map <silent> ,x :call ClearCommentDefine()<CR>

function! AddCommentDefine()
  let g:CommentDefines = "\\(" . expand("<cword>") . "\\)"
  syn clear MyCommentOut
  syn clear MyCommentOut2
  exe 'syn region MyCommentOut start="^\s*#\s*ifdef\s\+' . g:CommentDefines . '\>" end=".\|$" contains=MyCommentOut2'
  exe 'syn region MyCommentOut2 contained start="' . g:CommentDefines . '" end="^\s*#\s*\(endif\>\|else\>\|elif\>\)" contains=MySkip'

function! ClearCommentDefine()
  let g:ClearCommentDefine = ""
  syn clear MyCommentOut
  syn clear MyCommentOut2

To see the effect, position the cursor on the word DEBUG in the C code snippet above and type ,a

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