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created 2003 · complexity intermediate · author A.L Marin · version 5.7

While editing HTML I want to use template files to be expanded on my html pages. Say for example I have something like this on my html file:

<p>html code here</p>
<p>more html code here...</p>

I want the files header.html and footer.html to be inserted on my page, you can do this with the following command:

command! -range=% Refile <line1>,<line2>g/^#refile=/exe ":r " . strpart(getline("."), 8) | normal! kdd
 " 'Read_vim' / Revise by reading in file templates.
 " Get the string part after the = sign, on line(s) which
 " *begin* with #revim= , and use that to read in said file
 " -------------------- (kdd deletes the # line; put comments in templates).


  • The filenames are not embedded in comments because they could be easily overlooked later.
  • refile stands for reference file


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