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created 2004 · complexity intermediate · author Luc St-Louis · version 5.7

Suppose you have a function requiring a count argument, and you would like to be able to invoke it with a mapping, and also allow the count to be prefixed to the mapping, like you can with for example {count}CTRL-^ (to edit the [count]th file in the buffer list).

Here is an example of code that can be used to call a Foo() function with such a prefix count argument. All it shows is the structure required for such a thing to work (well, it's the best the author of the tip was able to come up with). Given the following, typing 42,a will echo FOO: 42:

function! Foo(count)
  echo 'FOO: ' . a:count

command! -nargs=1 FooCmd call Foo(<args>)
map ,a :<C-U>FooCmd(v:count)<CR>



It's simpler if you use ":call", then you don't need to use "command". I have something like the following in my vimrc.

   nmap ,a :<C-U>call Foo(v:count)
   function Foo(amount)
      execute "set columns +=" . a:amount

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