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JumpBuffers() is a routine that will present a list of recent buffers, gathered from the jumplist. Mappings can, of course, be set to taste. I myself use these:

" Note this overrides :goto
nmap go :<C-U>call JumpBuffers()<CR>
nmap <C-G><C-O> 2go
" Remap builtin 'go'
nnoremap g<C-O> go

Note that a count preceding the mapping will bypass the prompt and jump directly to the referenced buffer.


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 13.43.07

JumpBuffers source

function! JumpBuffers()
   let jumptxt = ""
   redir! => jumptxt
   silent jumps
   redir END
   let byName = {}
   let byIndex = []
   for line in reverse(split(jumptxt, '\n'))
      let name = strpart(line, 16)
      let bufno = bufnr(name)
      if len(name) > 0 && bufno >= 0 && !has_key(byName, name)
         let byIndex += [{'name': name, 'bufno': bufno, 'ix': len(byIndex)+1}]
         let byName[name] = len(byIndex)
   if v:count > 0
      if len(byIndex) >= v:count
         echomsg "Count ".v:count." Jumps to ".byIndex[v:count-1].bufno
         execute "buffer ".byIndex[v:count-1].bufno
   echohl Special
   echo "No Buffer Name"
   echohl None
   for ent in byIndex
      echo printf("%2d %6d %s", ent.ix, ent.bufno,
   let ix = input("Type number and <Enter> (empty cancels): ") + 0
   if ix > 0 && ix <= len(byIndex)
      execute "buffer ".byIndex[ix-1].bufno

For downloading the latest version, see:


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