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created May 5, 2005 · complexity basic · author RichardBronosky · version 6.0

I use CTRL+L to search for the term under my cursor. The key mapping goes like this:

nmap ^L :!lynx -accept_all_cookies^R^W\#function.^R^W<CR>

Remember to use CTRL+V CTRL+L to get the ^L and CTRL+V CTRL+R to get the ^R, etc.

My workflow causes me to do most of my PHP development directly on a Unix server over an SSH connection. So, instead of switching from my terminal app to my web browser to search, I like having a single keystroke to do it.

The ^R^W inserts the word under the cursor into the command area. You can use this is many other handy key mappings. The \#func... is to tell lynx to jump to an anchor tag, since all manual pages have an anchor tag named in the form function.{functionName} (and the # is escaped as \# since Vim what to do a path substitution.) I should also note that the anchor part will only work if what you search for a) is a function and not a language construct, or a reference term b) does not contain an underscore. It will still load the page, but you will have to scroll past all of the navigation manually.


Also, use Q to quit lynx instead of just q to avoid the confirmation.

You can also use the browser plugin script#1053 to view this as a Vim buffer (and use links, etc).

nmap ,l :update<CR>:silent !start c:\progra~1\opera75\opera.exe^R^W.php<CR>

I remapped gu ('go URL') to bring up w3m:

nmap gu :!w3m ^R^A<CR>

This was my implementation (not as nice as the gu map):

" opening a text based web browser from link under the cursor
" Must be at the beginning of the URL text
" yW - yanks the WORD
" :!w3m <C-R>* - Executes the w3m text browser with contents of the unnamed register
nmap ,www yW:!w3m <C-R>*<CR>

But after testing this one works much better:

nmap gu :!w3m <C-R><C-A><CR>

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