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created 2002 · complexity intermediate · author Nopik · version 6.0

In addition to any word completion you can use Ctrl-X completion mode to complete whole lines, filenames, keywords, and more. While entering text in insert mode, press Ctrl-X (written as <C-X> below), then another key to indicate the type of completion.

  • <C-X><C-L> complete whole lines
  • <C-X><C-P> complete words (<C-P> has the same effect; <C-X> is not needed)
  • <C-X><C-F> complete file names
  • <C-X>s spelling suggestions (after :setl spell to enable spell checking)

While completion is active, type <C-P> or <C-N> to select the previous or next item.

For more information, see :help ins-completion.


For example, suppose the following text is entered:

this is first line
second line is here

With the cursor on the empty third line, and while still in insert mode, pressing <C-X><C-L> will insert a copy of the second line. Select another line with <C-P> or <C-N>.

If "th" is typed at the start of the third line, pressing <C-X><C-L> will insert the first line because it starts with "th".

As an example of word completion, suppose "f" is typed at the start of the third line. Press <C-P> to complete the word using the previous occurrence that starts with "f"—that will insert "first". If you then press <C-X><C-P> the following word will also be inserted (the result will be "first line").


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