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created 2006 · complexity basic · author Matt Zyzik · version 5.7

Use the following to list your buffers.

nnoremap <m-:> :ls\|sleep<CR><CR>

Press Alt-: to show the results of :ls for one second. Pressing Alt-: 3 times will show the :ls listing for 3 seconds.

You can also hold down Alt-: to show the file list continuously, then press Ctrl-c when you're done. This can be very useful when working with many files.


I'll try this for some days:

map <M-:> :<c-u>ls!<Bar>sleep <c-r>=v:count1<CR><CR><CR>

" alt-; display buffer list for 3 seconds
nnoremap <m-;> :ls<Bar>3sleep<CR><CR>

It should be noted that if 'lazyredraw' isn't set, the original mapping will cause the entire display to be refreshed for each <m-:> combination.

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