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created December 21, 2004 · complexity basic · author Wim Rijnders · version 5.7

Following is a big timesaver if you need to open lots of files.

Assume you have a text file containing filenames with or without paths (created by for instance 'grep -Erl "^" * > files.txt'). Following opens all these files in the same vim.

Assuming that only this text file is opened:

Set the cursor on the first line. In normal mode, type:


This loads the file on the first line, and creates macro '0'.

Check the number of lines with <CTRL-g> and subtract one for the first line. Type this value, then:


This loads the remaining files.


How about:

bash> gvim $(grep -l *.* string)


bash> grep -n *.* string > list
bash> vim -q list .. you can visit each file:line with :cnext, :cprev


bash> find . -name *.* | xargs grep -l string | vim -

No macro, it is all builtin.

Returning to original tip: "Assume you have a text file containing filenames with or without paths". Very easy and elegant way to run through these files is the following (supposing there is no spaces around filenames):

Open the file then enter:

:setlocal efm=%f
:execute 'cfile '.expand('%')

Last command may be replaced with typing :cfile <c-r>%<CR>

Now you may navigate through these files using copen, cnext, cNext, cfirst, clast.

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