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created January 23, 2007 · complexity basic · author RedBeard0531 · version 7

The omni complete feature in Vim is great. Here are some suggestions for working with the popup completion menu.

[edit] Setting the color

Try the following command to improve the color of the popup menu (add to your vimrc if you always want this choice):

:highlight Pmenu guibg=brown gui=bold

In console Vim, you might want a command like this:

:highlight Pmenu ctermbg=238 gui=bold

To see how different color schemes look, try (see view all colors):

:runtime syntax/colortest.vim

Better still would be to use a color scheme that is designed with the completion menu in mind. For example, marklar.vim Dark colorscheme based on green chalkboard.

[edit] Using SuperTab

The SuperTab plugin can be used to avoid needing to press Ctrl-X then Ctrl-O to invoke the popup completion menu. With SuperTab installed, the following setting means you can just press Tab instead.

let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType = "<C-X><C-O>"

You may also try the context value, which lets SuperTab decide which completion mode to use and should play well with OmniCompletion:

let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType = "context"

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