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created May 23, 2002 · complexity basic · author Kontra Gergely · version 5.7

If you like to see your files in fullscreen, and you have to edit more files, you can do the following.

  • Use only one window
  • Open further files with :e
  • type :nm <A-Up> :bp!<CR>
  • type :nm <A-Down> :bn!<CR>
  • type :nm <C-F4> :bd!<CR>

You can of course change the keys.

Now to switch between windows, you can press Alt-Up, and Alt-Down

(Just in the GUI, if you use console, don't use Alt key)

Another idea is to map them to Ctrl-Tab, and Ctrl-Shift-Tab

To close the current file you can press Ctrl-F4.


When I say type, I mean put it into your .vimrc of course

Should the 'hidden' option be set for this to work?

Consider using :bwipeout instead of :bd :help :bd.

For some odd reason A-Up and A-Down was not working for me. I think C-Left and C-Right are also a nice combination

Yes, all the Alt combinations are problematical and work only in the GUI.

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