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created January 14, 2003 · complexity basic · author Klaus Horsten · version 6.0

Jump between split windows and open them wide. Use only the space-bar for this.

Press space-bar once and you jump to the next window.

Press it twice and the window opens wide for better reading - this works for horizontal and vertically open windows.

Put this in your vimrc:

"Jump between windows
map <Space> <c-W>w
"Open window wide
map <Space><Space> :call OpenSplittedWindowWide()<CR>
function OpenSplittedWindowWide()
  normal ^W|
  normal ^W20+

Note: ^W must be generated by vim (must be one character).


:map <Space><Space> <c-W>w<c-W>_

will do the job of swichting and maximizing split windows

Only for horizontal open windows, not for vertically open ones.

A more intuitive (for Vi) way of switching between horizontal splits, is using the 'j' and 'k' keys

Following an earlier issued tip, I use the following mappings:

map <C-J> <C-W>j<C-W>_
map <C-K> <C-W>k<C-W>_

This maps Ctrl-j to "go down 1 window and maximize it" This maps Ctrl-k to "go up 1 window and maximize it"

Great tip! I combined CTRL-i/j and the space so CTRL-space and SHIFT-space to move to the next and previous split, respectively.

map <c-space> <c-w>w<c-w>_
map <s-space> <c-w>W<c-w>_

I use -

map <C-space> <Esc><C-W><C-W>
imap <S-space> <Esc>
nmap <S-space> <Esc>:

This way, I can quit to the command mode using just the Shift-Spacebar combination from insert mode.

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