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Quick and dirty Postgres query

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created March 23, 2003 · complexity basic · author Shawn Deleurme · version 5.7

Here is a simple and usefull mapping for anyone who can't stand developing queries on the psql prompt or messing around with the single \e psql edit buffer.

map <F9> :!psql -d yourdb < % <BAR> less


You could also consider use the database extension plugin for Vim, which provides a lot of features for Postgress. script#356 db_ext.vim

One other way of using vim with the \e command in psql is to set the PSQL_EDITOR environment variable. On a redhat system you'd do the following:

export PSQL_EDITOR=vim

By default the buffer does not use the .sql extension. If you want syntax highlighting use:

export PSQL_EDITOR='vim +"set syntax=sql" '

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