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created July 10, 2003 · complexity basic · author Tom Slee · version 5.7

These key mappings (placed in your vimrc) let you use the F8 and F9 keys to make a window wider or taller. The shift key reverses the effect, and the Ctrl and Alt modifiers go to a choice of standard settings. Mappings to change the font size.(which work slightly differently) are also included. Obviously you can change F8 and F9 to keys of your choice.

" Window size appearance
augroup guiappearance
  set guifont=Andale_Mono:h12
  :map <F7> :set guifont=Andale_Mono:h12<CR>
  :map <S-F7> :set guifont=Andale_Mono:h10<CR>
  :map <C-F7> :set guifont=Andale_Mono:h14<CR>
  :map <F9> :set lines+=5<CR>
  :map <S-F9> :set lines-=5<CR>
  :map <C-F9> :set lines=60<CR>
  :map <M-F9> :set lines=30<CR>
  :map <F8> :set columns+=10<CR>
  :map <S-F8> :set columns-=10<CR>
  :map <C-F8> :set columns=132<CR>
  :map <M-F8> :set columns=80<CR>
augroup END


Window resizing can also be done at window-manager level, so that it will work for all applications. In my case .fluxbox/keys contains:

# window sizing
Mod4 m :MaximizeWindow
Mod1 Mod4 h :HorizontalDecrement
Mod1 Mod4 j :VerticalIncrement
Mod1 Mod4 k :VerticalDecrement
Mod1 Mod4 l :HorizontalIncrement

# window movement
Mod4 h :BigNudgeLeft
Mod4 j :BigNudgeDown
Mod4 k :BigNudgeUp
Mod4 l :BigNudgeRight

As you can see, I used the familiar vim movement keys.

I mapped mod4 to the windows-key on my keyboard. To achieve this, you will need to put the following lines in ~/.Xmodmap:

! alt keys (explicitly configured, without this section meta doesn't work)
keycode 64 = Alt_L
add mod1 = Alt_L
keycode 113 = Alt_R
add mod1 = Alt_R

! ms flag keys
keycode 115 = Meta_L
keycode 116 = Meta_R
add mod4 = Meta_L
add mod4 = Meta_R

There is an amazingly intutitive script replacement, called "mouse". Although I wouldn't use it for each cursor movement, I would definitely use it in this particular case, rather than keys bound by some scripts.

Addition: I use <Ctrl> plus Cursor Keys to resize the current window relative to the neighbour window of a splitted screen.

' resize horzontal split window
nmap <C-Left> <C-W>-<C-W>-
nmap <C-Right> <C-W>+<C-W>+
' resize vertical split window
nmap <C-Up> <C-W>><C-W>>
nmap <C-Down> <C-W><<C-W><

This one resizes intuitively the window into the correct direction (Don't be confused by decreasing in all cases). Disadvantage: The cursor changes the window.

if bufwinnr(1)
  noremap <silent> <C-H> :vertical resize -3<CR>
  noremap <silent> <C-L> :vertical resize -3<CR>
  noremap <silent> <C-J> :resize -3<CR>
  noremap <silent> <C-K> :resize -3<CR>

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