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Restoring indent after typing hash

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created September 10, 2006 · complexity basic · author Decker · version 5.7

The default behavior of the 'autoindent' option is as follow:

Copy indent from current line when starting a new line (typing <CR> in Insert mode or when using the "o" or "O" command). If you do not type anything on the new line except <BS> or CTRL-D and then type <Esc> or <CR>, the indent is deleted again.

I find that behavior quite annoying since the cursor jumps to the left when empty lines are inserted and 'escape' is pressed. Fortunately, it is possible to force Vim to keep the indentation with the following lines in your vimrc:

inoremap <CR> <CR><Space><BS>
nnoremap o o<Space><BS>
nnoremap O O<Space><BS>


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