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Other ideasEdit

There are many possibilities:

call <SID>Add_word_pair('true',     'false')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('false',    'true')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('on',       'off')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('off',      'on')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('enable',   'disable')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('disable',  'enable')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('yes',      'no')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('no',       'yes')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('start',    'stop')
call <SID>Add_word_pair('stop',     'start')

This is awesome for editing configuration files etc.

You could do Roman numerals up to 20 or so, or Canadian provinces East to West.

The author's email address is dead. It would be neat to take this script over, separate the word pairs out into separate lists that were easy to enable and disable and package it properly. --January 4, 2013

To take over an unmaintained script at, it is standard practice for someone to simply create a new script with a link to the previous script on which the new script is based (or if not a link, the docs for the new script should say something like "based on script 1046 by Stefan Karlsson"). JohnBeckett (talk) 09:41, January 5, 2013 (UTC)


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