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Some instructions for this script state: "Place in ~/.vim/indent/ and let 'er rip!"

This may be cryptic to some users. To elaborate a bit:

The script specifically redefines "indentexpr" to be a new function "SuperShIndent()".

After the script is in that directory, when you are running Vim you can ":source ~/.vim/indent/sh.vim" to cause the redefinition. Thereafter, any time you use indentexpr, you will be using the new function.

To learn about indentexpr, run Vim and execute ":help indentexpr". --January 6, 2012


  1. Excellent utility - Thanks!
  • Minor issue: Using a visual select to reformat ... SuperShellIndent will indent the closing EOF of an "<<EOF" which throws off syntax highlighting for the rest of the shell script (and causes other side-effects). This is more of an annoyance once figure out why.
  1. Question how to use this to re-indent a bash script ?