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Use this page to discuss script 1494 Efficient python folding: fold python code nicely and toggle with one keystroke

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Hey, I downloaded your plugin (which I really like!), but I'm having problems using it when I open multiple buffers with the :edit command.

Everything works ok if I start Vim using e.g.

> vim

However, if from within Vim I type:


Then the key mapping from f to za doesn't work, and when I type F (i.e. :call ToggleFold()<CR>), I get the error:

Error detected while processing function ToggleFold:
line 1:
E121: Undefined variable: b:folded
E15: Invalid expression: ( b:folded == 0 )

(I'm using Vim 7.3 on Windows 7). Any ideas?

That script has not been updated since March 2006 so I do not think the author will notice. It's probably some fairly simple stuff that needs to be sorted out in the script, and you might get a response on the vim_use mailing list. See asking questions. JohnBeckett 07:10, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

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