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Use this page to discuss script 1643 SuperTab

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This script replaces script#182.

It allows you to do all your insert-mode completion with the Tab key.


This script could have a shortcut to cycle between completion modes, for example:

tab would start completion mode
tab again would change to dictionary mode
tab again would change to tags

--December 13, 2010

set langmap=e;h causes the plugin to fail for some reason. --October 26, 2011

Nice job! Thanks for creating and maintaining this! -- Mike Ellis February 4, 2012

Current version 1.6 seems to have unpleasant side effect/bug. For those of us still using Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P to autocomplete, behavior is reversed compared to normal; for example hitting Ctrl-N selects nearest completion that come BEFORE the cursor position, not the one that is AFTER it. This is very confusing and unfortunate. -- Olek Poplavsky May 15 2012

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