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Use this page to discuss script 1785 javacomplete: omni completion for Java

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I got this Java autocompletion plugin working after much pain and suffering. --Preceding unsigned comment added by anon 00:14, April 30, 2010

I got javacomplete working without much pain and suffering, but it only completes JDK classes, not the classes I've created. When trying to omni-complete one of my objects I'm getting 'Pattern not found'. Is this really limited to JDK classes? If not, can anybody describe their config. Thnx. -- 22:17, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

To answer above, it's not limited to only JDK classes, but it can only find classes that are in your CLASSPATH. Add your src/ to your CLASSPATH and try again. 04:03, April 9, 2011 (UTC)
I found this link to be very helpful for getting it up and running -> --Preceding unsigned comment added by cdated 14:44, June 29, 2010


VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Oct 27 2010 17:59:02)
After extracting
while doing :helptags c:\vim\vim73\doc I got the error
E154: Duplicate tag "^" in file c:\Vim\vim73\doc/xpt.snippet.syn.txt
E154: Duplicate tag "`" in file c:\Vim\vim73\doc/xpt.snippet.syn.txt

--April 18, 2011


I compiled vim (7.3 with patches 1-353) on Ubuntu 11.10 with the following config options:

./configure --prefix=/opt/vim --enable-pythoninterp=yes --enable-rubyinterp=yes --enable-perlinterp=yes --enable-tclinterp=yes --with-features=huge --enable-luainterp=yes --enable-python3interp=yes

With my existing javacomplete gvim seems to take 100% cpu after a couple of keystrokes. If I remove javacomplete things are fine. I've got Java 1.7.0-b147 installed). The test code that I have been playing around with is:

public class TestPolyLine {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		double [][] coords = {{1,1,}, {1,2}, {2,3},
			{-3,5}, {-5,1}, {0,0}}; 
                        PolyLine polygon = new PolyLine(coords);

If I backspace the PolyLine line to the previous line gvim locks up and takes 100% cpu. I'm not sure why. I also noticed that the code produces warnings when compiling (I had to compile the code manually). Any ideas what could be wrong? hth adil

I download this plugin, but some problems exist. whenever i type ctrl x ctrl o , it give me a lot of errors. then the menu can display. --May 3, 2013


Works fine until I create tags file with ctags. After that, it fails to autocomplete classes described in my project. Looks like tags support is broken, and I wonder there's no way to disable it.

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