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Probably obsoleteEdit

This script appears to have only existed for one month in 2007 and is almost certainly obsolete because Vim is distributed with a good file manager. See :help netrw or just enter the command :e . in Vim (edit current directory). JohnBeckett 10:20, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

No Luck With netrwEdit

I installed VimExplorer after struggling with netrw over a long period of time. I installed several versions from the author's website, but they all seemed to have some inconsistencies. I even looked at the source code, which is rather large by the way. VE does exactly what I want it to do. As a long-time Vim user, I appreciate the implementation of the Principle of Least Surprise. JH November 10, 2010

Related scriptsEdit

If you're looking for a netrw alternative, there are some other scripts available as well which may be better maintained (as noted, this script has not been updated since 2007).

Also, before trying alternatives, there are several options that can tweak netrw's behavior, see :help netrw-browser-options


Bug in VimExplorer:

Hash (#) in paths make the path open as "...\#\..." if Enter is pressed to open the file with default program,

Example: "...\c#\..." opens as "...\c\#\..." and thus fails.

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