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Use this page to discuss script 2226 vimwiki: personal wiki for Vim

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Mailto links

It's really a perfect plugin! I've just a proposition to do:

In my professional descriptions wiki, I always add a [[Contact Name]] link and in "Contact" I'd want to add a mailto link, like [[ EMAIL]]. (And if I can put this in a table...).

But I can't find this option. I guess it's not really complicated to implement this option (and I'll try to do it myself), but it might be a good for everyone. Anyway, thank you very much for your work. Geoffrey Nimal

This is fixed.


should work.

Maxim Kim.

Yes ! But, sorry I wasn't complete enough : the link is not good in the HTML document.


I am not sure I get what do you mean by 'not good in the HTML doc'. With the current dev version (downloadable from google code) mailto links are just fine in HTML.

Maxim Kim

Run commands

I'm wondering if it would be possible to achieve the following: I would like to use Viki as a journal, documenting - among other things - commands I ran in terminals. I'm currently keeping simple text files that look like this:

--- This command was used to produce the results:

$ ./

--- Could Viki be tweaked to recognize the leading $ to treat the rest of the line as "typewriter" text?

Shouldn't this Q be redirected to a Viki plugin?


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