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Use this page to discuss script 2256 dark-ruby: a dark-background color scheme

  • Add constructive comments, bug reports, or discuss improvements (see the guideline).
  • Do not document the script here (the author should do that on
  • This page may be out of date: check the script's page above, and its release notes.

Bug reportEdit

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 2.27.34 PM

Error message when trying to use dark-ruby colorscheme.

No bug report posted, just an image. --December 21, 2012

The image is not useful and I will probably delete it in due course.
Please use some text to describe the problem: What version of the script was used? What version of Vim? What is needed to make the error appear? You could just quote the text of a couple of the error messages starting at the beginning because they are all obviously related to the same problem. JohnBeckett (talk) 10:37, December 26, 2012 (UTC)


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