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Should use &shiftwidthEdit

Rather than passing shiftwidth as a parameter to the function, I suggest reading the value of the Vim option directly. That way, if the user has different shiftwidths for different file types, this can continue to work transparently.

" clever tabs (tabs only on the line beginning)
function! CleverTabs()
    let line = getline('.')[:col('.')-2]
    if col('.') == 1 || line =~ '^\t*$' || line =~ '^$'
        let z = "\t"
        let space = ""
        let shiftwidth = shiftwidth()
        let shiftwidth = shiftwidth - ((virtcol('.')-1) % shiftwidth)

        while shiftwidth > 0
            let shiftwidth = shiftwidth - 1
            let space = space . ' '

        let z = space

    return z
endfunction "CleverTabs

" map tab key to function
imap <silent> <Tab> <C-r>=CleverTabs()<cr>

--October 9, 2014

I changed your function to use the shiftwidth() function instead of the option, since it changed recently to use 0 as a flag to use tabstop instead. --Fritzophrenic (talk) 16:10, October 10, 2014 (UTC)


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