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Problem if <Leader> is a SpaceEdit

Slimv out of the box breaks when <Leader> is a space. There's a workaround.

I'm new to slimv, but I'm impressed now that I got it working. The thing that slowed me down is that my .vimrc sets g:mapleader to ' ' (that's a Space). Slimv hates that--nothing works right. I didn't do a deep analysis of the problem, since I really didn't want slimv clobbering my mappings anyway. Instead I came up with a quick workaround. Line 232 of slimv.vim (version 0.9.4) says:

if exists( 'mapleader' )

I changed this to:

if exists( 'mapleader' ) && ( g:mapleader != ' ')

That solved my problem by mapping slimv functions using ',' as <Leader>. Maybe it will work for somebody else too.

Update: As the plugin's author, Tamas Kovacs points out, a better solution is to do set g:slimv_leader = ',' in your .vimrc, which prevents Slimv from setting the value at all. This way, if you upgrade, your Slimv behavior is what you expect without having to re-patch slimv.vim. --March 1, 2012


Error: SWANK server is not running. Press ENTER to continue.

It took me quite some time to realize that I had installed CentOS from a live disk and that my install did not include xterm, and that Slimv uses xterm to start the swank server. As soon as I installed xterm, swank started.

A nice touch for the clueless newbies would be Slimv checking for xterm and on failure to find xterm pumping out an error: "Slimv cannot find xterm. Terminating."