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The plugin is beautiful! However when editing javascript files, the completion popup seem to pop up when I have only typed 1-2 characters after a "dot", so the keyword list became very long and slows down Vim by a fair bit. Is there any variable I can set? -- maxwindiff

Hello, I'm the author of neocomplcache. It is g:NeoComplCache_OmniPatterns['javascript']. Please read help file in detail. -- Shougo


Thank you for your wonderful work. My problem seems to be similiar with maxwindiff's. When I am editing a C source code file, every time I have typed 1-2 characters, it got stuck and I could edit my file no longer. What I have to do is just closing the file. I have had a look at the file "autoload\neocomplcache.vim" but still have no idea. So is there anything I can do for this? Thank you! --qiqia

Please read help file than the source code. There is too little information and is troubled with the an answer, but will manage it if you set g:NeoComplCache_OmniPatterns['c'] and g:NeoComplCache_OmniPatterns['cpp'] empty. --Shougo


Great work! This plugin helps me drop autocomplpop, however, still not snipMate. When I've done snip expand, and pressed ESC, it doesn't return to normal mode, as snipMate does, is this configurable? Thanks. -- Iven


There seems to be an issue with the link to the latest version of neocomplcache. Best vim plugin since sliced bread :)

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