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Suggested patchEdit

If you have code lines that span multiple lines, each ending with a backslash, the following patch will show up to nine lines in the tooltip. It replaces the first if on line 144 of script version r714:

			if TagList[Index]['cmd'] =~ '^\d\+$'
				" Handle links to specific lines in a source file
				let LineNum = str2nr(TagList[Index]['cmd'])
				let FileName = TagList[Index]['filename']
				if bufexists(FileName) && (len(getbufline(FileName, LineNum)) > 0)
					" An open source file
					let l = getbufline(FileName, LineNum, LineNum + 9)
				elseif (g:TagSignatureAllowFileLoading == 1) && filereadable(FileName)
					" A non-open source file
					let l = readfile(FileName, '', LineNum+9)[LineNum-1:LineNum+8]
				" Take more lines if they end with a backslash
				let i = 0
				while l[i] =~ '\\$' && i < 9
					let i += 1
				let s = join(l[0:i], "\n")

--April 16, 2013


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