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Bug reportEdit

1. Error reported when open Tlist: Unknown language "txt" in "language-force" option, This is the error info:

Taglist: Failed to generate tags for d:\BAK\aaa.txt ^@d:\BAK>d:\Tools\Editors\gVim\Utility\ctags\ctags.exe -f - --format=2 --excmd=pattern --fields=nks --sort=yes --language-force=txt --txt-types=cft "d:\BAK\aaa.txt" ^@ctags.exe: Unknown language "txt" in "language-force" option

2. txtbrowser标题顺序显示不正确。 如下图所示,5.1标题不是应该显示在5标题下面吗?怎么跑到最上面去了?



It seemed that you put the file .ctags to a wrong location. The .ctags should be on $HOME directory. It is easy to find your $HOME directory on Linux, but it may be confusing to those using Windows. Generally, your $HOME directory should be "C:\Documents and Settings\abcd" if you login name is "abcd". Open "Start-Run-Cmd" and use "cd " (with no parameters) command to goto your $HOME directory.

The locations checked for a ctags.cnf file are as follows: /ctags.cnf (i.e. on current drive) $HOME/ctags.cnf $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH/ctags.cnf ./ctags.cnf

Made sure that you drop your config file in the $HOME folder (if you don't have a HOME variable when looking at the environment variables, add it).


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