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This is a little script I did because I have always wanted to type

:sp a.cpp b.hpp *.tex......

This does it now!

You just have to source this file in your vimrc and that will remap sp, vsp and e abbreviation to my functions.

Let me know if you find some bugs. Author: XonqNopp


:(v)sp *.m hello_world.cpp
:e new_file.tex my_bib.bib *.sh

Install detailsEdit

I don't know about what came in which version (I run the latest), but the commands you need for my script are very basic and I think they are in Vim for a long time now:

  • (v)split
  • substitute
  • command
  • cabclear
  • splitright/splitbelow
  • args/argadd
  • expand
  • next


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