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Make sure you have the newest version of Vimball installed or it will bork in weird ways. --March 9, 2012


I'd like to roll \adef and \adec into my personal crazy block formatting approach like this (I don't like to learn new mappings but make fuzzy additions to my own):

" Try to reformat the entire current paragraph. Fails many ways of course. nnoremap ;f :call DoAppropriateBlockFormatter()<CR> function! DoAppropriateBlockFormatter()

 if &ft == "c" && (match(getline("."), '#') != -1)
   call feedkeys("{V}\\adef", 't')
 elseif &ft == "vim" || &ft == "c" || &ft == "perl" || &ft == "sh" ||
   \ &ft == "make" || &ft == "conf"
   call FormatBlockComment()
   call feedkeys("{gq}")


This took some time to get right because of the need for two backslashes to feedkeys. It would be nice to call \adef as a function, but it seems that it only exists as a key binding to a rather unwieldy rhs:

map <silent> <script> <Plug>AM_adef <SID>WS:AlignPush<CR>:AlignCtrl v ^\s*\(\/\*\<bar>\/\/\)<CR>:'a,.v/^\s*\(\/\*\<bar>\/\/\)/s/^\(\s*\)#\(\s\)*define\s*\(\I[a-zA-Z_0-9(),]*\)\s*\(.\{-}\)\($\<Bar>\/\*\)/#\1\2define @\3@\4@\5/e<CR>:'a,.v/^\s*\(\/\*\<bar>\/\/\)/s/\($\<Bar>\*\/\)/@&/e<CR>'zk:call AlignMaps#StdAlign(1)<cr>'yjma'zk:'a,.v/^\s*\(\/\*\<bar>\/\/\)/s/ @//g<CR><SID>WE

It would be nice if there were functional entry points for the specific alignment stuff since the easiest parts of the formidable Align.vm to get started with :)