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Python indenting scriptEdit

This is my attempt at indenting Python to conform to PEP8. Based on the 7.2 Python indentation, with bits of script#974 hacked in.

Sample dataEdit

This is the Python code I tested with:

import line2, line3, line4, line5

class B:
    def foo():
        line1 = (line3({[a, b]
                        : 3,
                  ( "hello" ),

def bar(b, c):
    a = (b
         + c) - (c
                 + b)

class Rectangle(Blob):
    def __init__(self, width, height,
                 color='black', emphasis=None, highlight=0):
        if width == 0 and height == 0 and \
           color == 'red' and emphasis == 'strong' or \
           highlight > 100:
            raise ValueError("sorry, you lose")
        if width == 0 and height == 0 and (color == 'red' or
                                           emphasis is None):
            raise ValueError("I don't think so -- values are %s, %s" %
                             (width, height))
            Blob.__init__(self, width, height,
                          color, emphasis, highlight)


This is largely a huge improvement, but the indentation inside braces, brackets, etc. is a little aggressive.

For example:

 some_really_long_thing = {
    'foo': 'bar',<ENTER>

Hitting <ENTER> will always indent the cursor to the level of the "{", ignoring the previous lines indentation level.

I could change it to say a brace or parentheses only marks a new indent if it has text after it. If it is by itself at the end of the line, then the indentation for the next line should be unchanged.

Would that be an improvement?

-- David Moore 2010-10-24

That would be perfect, thanks David.

-- Alec Thomas 2010-10-24

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