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Not hiding an escape sequenceEdit

I have a log file which contains Ansi Escape sequence <1b>[H<1b>[2J

AnsiEsc plugin does not hide these escape sequences. Shouldn't it hide them?

The escape sequence are created by the "clear" command:

$ clear > foo.txt

and foo.txt contains <1b>[H<1b>[2J

-- Dominique 2010/06/17


Running the following command, I would expect to see the word "foo" with color. But AnsiEsc does not show any color:

$ echo "foo bar" | grep --color=always foo | vim -c AnsiEsc

The terminal codes (output of grep) are:

<1b>[01;31m<1b>[Kfoo<1b>[m<1b>[K bar

right color with more

problem with demo Edit

=> I used Vim with Debian 7.X

more AnsiEsc.txt

right color with more

Display good color but have a look on

vi AnsiEsc.txt


with AnsiEsc

don't show same color, and the problem is when tag is combined (the logo VIM is only in black and white and it should be not)

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