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Use this page to discuss script 302 AnsiEsc: ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified

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Not hiding an escape sequence

I have a log file which contains Ansi Escape sequence <1b>[H<1b>[2J

AnsiEsc plugin does not hide these escape sequences. Shouldn't it hide them?

The escape sequence are created by the "clear" command:

$ clear > foo.txt

and foo.txt contains <1b>[H<1b>[2J

-- Dominique 2010/06/17


Running the following command, I would expect to see the word "foo" with color. But AnsiEsc does not show any color:

$ echo "foo bar" | grep --color=always foo | vim -c AnsiEsc

The terminal codes (output of grep) are:

<1b>[01;31m<1b>[Kfoo<1b>[m<1b>[K bar

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