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Hey, cool script. I have one issue: i added manually a flag to switch off the echos, since i found it annoying, if the 2 echos pop up on each opening of a file (buffer). I think you do not need this code, but i would appreciate, if you would support this in one of your future versions. Best regards Peter

-- Thanks for the feedback! From version 0.3 on, the output verbosity can be configured and the default is to be less verbose.

Hey, it's me again. Is it somehow possible to automatically complete data, that comes from macros? I know it is difficult and your script would need some kind of an own preprocessor. Regards Peter

-- This sounds like you are searching for an extension of the "ctags" tool. I think that's not really in the scope of the script, since it only collects the generated tagfiles. There are multiple versions / variants of "ctags" around with "Exuberant Ctags" being the most widely known one AFAIK. Perhaps the problem can be solved by getting another "ctags" version? Regards, T.Kelter

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