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Use this page to discuss script 3619 buffergator: buffer listing, selection, and switching/navigation

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Screen jumps around with autoexpand on in GUI modeEdit

When running under GUI Vim (e.g. MacVim) with autoexpand on, and the screen does not have room to grow on the opposite side of where the new window will be created, then opening and closing the Buffergator window results in the application screen shifting. The reason for this "movement" is how GUI Vim behaves when columns are expanded and collapsed, and there is insufficient room to grow on one side.

If you find this annoying, there are two ways around this:

(1) Switch off autoexpanding (i.e., the increase/decrease in screen size when opening up the buffer listing window:

  let g:buffergator_autoexpand_on_split = 0

(2) If you find that you the reason there is no room to grow is because you usually have your Vim screen on the right side of the monitor, then you can leave autoexpanding on, but have the new window created on the right instead:

  let g:buffergator_viewport_split_policy = "R"


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